Territorial intelligence solution for groundbreaking governance



SPALLIAN supports local authorities in the enhancement, understanding and smart use of their databases.

With our SPALLIAN STRATEGY® technology, we have therefore designed and created a range of groundbreaking, customised solutions to serve territorial intelligence and governance.

Our solutions


SPALLIAN CITY® provides an intelligent reading of open data on key themes: town planning, education, economy, housing, and elections, etc., as a way of managing and anticipating the evolution of public services, and guaranteeing that they meet the legitimate expectations of the population.


Allowing citizens to play a part in the enhancement and protection of shared spaces.

Because an application alone cannot provide an effective solution to urban matters, thanks to its TELLMYCITY® programme, Spallian aims to organize the dynamics required to regain public spaces on behalf of the city. Our methodology is based on three major areas of intervention:

  1. Make TELLMYCITY® available to citizens. This application allows them to report, suggest and congratulate, and in return, it allows municipal or inter-municipal services to send warnings, news or to organize public consultations.
  2. Provide the city with a platform that monitors the actions of public service delegates in real time, thus allowing it to calculate intervention times and to check the quality of services carried out.
  3. Help services implement an innovative quality policy, firstly to facilitate the day-to-day work of city or Inter-municipal authorithies employees, and secondly, to rigorously monitor the delegates’ contractual obligations.

In doing so, TELLMYCITY® involves citizens, city departments and their service providers in the preservation of urban spaces and the improvement of public services.


Resolving delinquency issues at municipal and inter-municipal levels requires a clear and shared vision of the insecurity issues that affect the daily lives of our citizens.

SPALLIAN SECURITY is a groundbreaking solution for the sharing of information and the observation of insecurity incidents based on data produced by city services (municipal police, technical services, etc.) and its main security partners (national police, national gendarmerie, fire brigade, lessors, carriers, etc.).

The tool has two functions: collecting data related to insecurity incidents through a specific import module of CSV files, and observing and analysing these incidents’ data (inventories, mapping analysis, cross-referencing of data, etc.).


Cœur de Ville in Arras

Identifying the dynamics of flows of people to coordinate the Cœur de Ville strategy in Arras: Spallian Mobility (a spinoff of the Vasco experiment conducted with the Caisse des Dépôts).

In Arras, Spallian and the Caisse des Dépôts have experimented with a tool designed to analyse population flows. In order to drive the Cœur de Ville strategy and provide the cities involved with a real strategy aimed at upgrading their city centres, the solution provides a way of analysing the adequacy of the commercial offer, the attractiveness of the city centre and the profile of visitors.

The city of Argenteuil

Boosting citizen participation and improving public services. The example Argenteuil.

The city of Argenteuil has been using the TELLMYCITY® application since June 2016. Tens of thousands of reports have been recorded and the main benefit that has been identified is the significant reduction in the time it takes to resolve anomalies.

CITIZING, an independent consultancy firm specialised in the socio-economic evaluation of public projects, was in charge of measuring the overall costs and benefits of the project. This work highlighted significant gains of three areas:

  • Improved living conditions – for example, the processing time of “cleaning required” reports for the first two years of the project dropped from 9 to 2 days;
  • Improved productivity of city services – “by mobilizing the average gains made possible by the resolution of reports in each type of category […], it is estimated that the increase in work efficiency made possible by TELLMYCITY® generates a socio-economic value of nearly €15,000″;
  • A better relationship between citizens and city services – “Prior to the implementation of TELLMYCITY® in Argenteuil, 90% of reports were made by telephone (via the toll-free number) and 10% by mail. […] The estimated saving in terms of processing reports amounts to €6,060 per year.”

The firm concludes that: “each euro invested in the system (application and resources for its operation) generates nearly €3 of collective value”.