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Every single company and organisation is now aware of the importance of protecting, understanding and exploiting the data in its possession.

Yet the growing number of data sources, the rigour with which this information is processed and the constraints related to security regulations are making this task increasingly complex.

Thanks to its own software, SPALLIAN STRATEGY®, developed in France and supported by the French Ministry of Research, Spallian, a trusted digital third party, aims to help its clients to use their data, as well as open data, in an ethical, secure and pragmatic way.

SPALLIAN STRATEGY® gives our experts a great amount of flexibility when it comes to questioning, enriching, visualising and analysing your data sets. Our data analysts work with you to design TAILOR-MADE comprehensive and intuitive web applications, to solve your own particular business cases: statistical dashboards, mapping observatories, data capture, management and modelling tools.

The ease and speed of data analysis allows you to anticipate and refine your strategic decisions, transforming your raw data into “smart data”.

The fields of application of SPALLIAN STRATEGY® are boundless. With proven applications in various fields (finance, tourism, education, housing, marketing, local authorities, etc.), SPALLIAN STRATEGY® has demonstrated its capacity to adapt to current economic and societal challenges.

By using SPALLIAN STRATEGY®, you can implement one data strategy based on a tool that is tailored to your specific needs, and designed for and with you.

Case Studies

SPALLIAN and Action Logement Immobilier have jointly developed ALI DATA, a strategic intelligence solution. Designed for the subsidiaries of Action Logement Immobilier, this tool is used to visualise key real estate and social housing market data on a local and national scales.

By collecting, processing and analysing complex files (social housing rental inventory, data related to rentals and sales and demands for social housing, etc.), ALI Data enables its users to:

  • consult the inventory of all social housing in Metropolitan France and French overseas departments and territories
  • compare the price of social and private rentals
  • access home ownership market data
  • geolocate all the rented properties that belong to the group’s subsidiaries
  • identify areas with high development potential

Action Logement

With the framework of the Action Coeur De Ville programme, SPALLIAN and Banque des Territoires have designed an educational data visualisation tool aimed at refining territorial diagnoses.

Within the scope of these Cœur de Ville actions, SPALLIAN assists medium-sized cities in their revitalisation projects. By exploiting territorial data on housing, businesses, employment, flows, educational, cultural and sports facilities, and public heritage, Spallian Strategy commits to supporting territories, from diagnosis to prioritisation, including action assessment.

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