The citizen app to enhance communication between local authoritees and population


Citizen app

On your smartphone, tablet or internet browser, the inhabitants of your city can in a few clicks correspond with your town hall for:

    Report a degradation or anomaly within the public space (public lighting, road, proximity problems, etc.)
    Suggest an idea to your city (ask for the creation of a new green space…)
    Congratulate an initiative taken by the city (creation of a bike path, etc.)

As the digital transition and the concept of smart city become real economic and societal challenges, TELLMYCITY® is an innovative and intuitive solution that serves cities and their citizens.

Strategic tool

All requests are centralised on a personalized interface that helps your services becoming more efficient.

All the information from TELLMYCITY® feeds a cartography allowing a fine analysis of the typology of requests, neighborhood by neighborhood while guaranteeing statistical monitoring.

Through advanced modules of surveys, alerts and news, you are able to involve your citizens in important decisions or notify them directly on their smartphone. TELLMYCITY® becomes a central platform for information and communication between the community and its citizens.